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Birdie Busch’s atmospheric folk, which often aches with strains of country-blues, jumps out with a rockabilly swagger and blushes with a someone-telling-you-a-secret lilt that’s all her own, and doesn’t really fit any category or genre. An intimate partnership with long time band mates has assured that her records are cohesive and remarkably mature, a dreamy Americana too warm to be made in this decade but too grounded and aware to be made anytime else.

Coming out of what could be called a veritable renaissance that has put Philadelphia back at the top of the list of America’s music capitals, she joins other talented locals and partners in crime in creating a tight-knit community that seeks to make great music, inspire people and see what happens.

Critics from the Village Voice to American Songwriter have admiringly found her of kindred spirit to everyone from British psych-folk legend Syd Barrett to Southern American mid 20th century writer Eudora Welty and All Music Guide exclaimed that she is one of the “most affecting altos around”.

Her timeless approach and broad spectrum of influences has allowed her to play shows with everyone from iconics like Richard Thompson to one of her most recent stints, opening a short run for the rockin’ tour de force Dr. Dog in the spring of 2012.

Encouraged by Scott Mcmicken of Dr. Dog, they recorded it at Meth Beach with Nathan Sabatino (Be the Void) and then Birdie laid down vocals at Saltlands in Dumbo, Brooklyn with her longtime partner in sonic adventures, Devin Greenwood, in his studio “The Honey Jar”.

The result is Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night,which gathers together what Birdie loves best: playing in a band with other like-minded folks where both melody, rhythm, dynamic, and songwriting are all getting their time to shine.

“Birdie Busch and The Greatest Night” is due out January 2013. Until then, fans can order it here @ Pledge Music.

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Birdie Busch

New Album & VINYL!!

Birdie Busch has recorded a new full length album entitled "Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night"! Get it here!
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