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4-12 Weekend Wrap-Up: INDMUSIC Partnership, Jesse Malin and More!

We announced a new partnership with INDMUSIC!

This week at PledgeMusic ….

1. We announced a new partnership with YouTube network INDMUSIC, which means our artists can monetize their presence on YouTube for an even greater return on their efforts!

2. New York City rocker Jesse Malin took to PledgeMusic for a campaign to release an exciting new record to fans.

3. We announced that PledgeMusic CEO Benji Rogers will be taking part in a panel April 27 as part of entertainment industry conference Sync Up (April 26-27 and May 3-4), alongside direct-to-fan leaders from Topspin Media, Bandzoogle, Nimbit and Band Page. Don’t miss it!

4. We’re so honored to have been nominated for a FlashFWD Award for “Best In Artist Support.” Vote for us and sound off using #FlashFWD and @SoundCtrl here.

5. The April 16 deadline for the Unsigned Only competition got a week closer, which means it’s time to enter for your chance to win $10,000 and get feedback from a host of celebrity artists!

6. We interviewed our incredible friends at NoiseTrade to let you in on some ways you can use PledgeMusic and NoiseTrade together to build the best campaign possible, and you can get the details here.

7. Ottawa Showbox featured this great interview with Benji, focusing on “the changing face of music consumption.”

8. We welcomed alt-rock collective Eternal Summers to the PledgeMusic family, and we’re pretty stoked about their upcoming album as well.

9. Lolove wrapped a successful PledgeMusic campaign and released their debut EP to fans today. Catch our exclusive interview with them here.

10. In their second knockout PledgeMusic campaign, UK metal band Earthtone9 released their new album, “IV”, to an ecstatic fan base.


Jesse Malin

New Album

Come be part of my new record! Get in an early pre-order and gain exclusive access to updates directly from the studio!
132% of goal
129 days till release



Debut EP!

We're releasing a new EP and need you to be a part of it!



'IV' Album

earthtone9 are preparing to record a BRAND NEW ALBUM (with producer Romesh Dodangoda)

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