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1 more week to pledge! Album exclusive to pledgers coming in 1 week!

Hi Everybody,

So in one week we plan to begin to get your music to you! We will be sending the downloads to all those who pledged for it. The CD’s are going to the printer now and will come a little later. THERE IS ONE MORE WEEK TO GET THE MUSIC EARLY BY PLEDGING HERE. After that it is going to be summer before the record comes out for everybody else to hear it.

All the other items (T-shirts, lyric books, etc) that you pledged on will come when the CD’s get back to me from the manufacturer, then I will pack up everybodys pledge and ship ’em.

It turned out so great. I know you all are going to like it. We are going to put up some of the artwork and track lists over the next couple of days, then in coordination with our new website we will send out downloads to everybody who helped us financially with this campaign. Big thanx to everybody once again.


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