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The Triple Album Project

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of goal

I love music being independent. Always have.

The D.I.Y approach has appealed to me since I watched the original punks gatecrash the charts and infuriate the press. But the thing was, they couldn’t be stopped because the people were behind their militant stance and the mainstream could only stubbornly hope that they’d just go away. But we never went away. Revolution was born.

I remember thinking how cool it was to hear Jimmy Saville, on Radio One, refer to ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ as, simply, ‘Nevermind’. And when “God Save The Queen” stormed the charts at number one? Well, there just wasn’t a number one that week, the slot was left blank.

But we all knew. To the believers this was victory.

What I want to do is keep that spirit thriving. Music made for the people by the people.

This triple album will be exclusive to the people who pledge to get it made. The general public will have to make do with a single album of around 12 songs, which you Pledgers will choose for me – thanks! – while the 30 song extravaganza will only ever be property of the hardcore. The people who believe.

We will also bring you devoted pledgers studio video reports following every step of the recording process, allowing you into our inner sanctum, bringing you closer than ever before. Hey, you’re paying for this, it’s only appropriate that you get to see how your cash is being used.

And just to clarify, this is a completely different project to Ginger Wildheart Mutation ‘The Frankenstein Effect’.
Very different indeed.

Of the money you pledge we will also donate 10% to Save The Children.

The catch? There is no catch. If this works we will continue to bring you great offers like this. Albums, holidays, exclusive performances and so much more. Believe me this is just the beginning.

I pray that your generosity and love of music makes this project possible.

Come on. I know we can do this.
Now, please just prove me right.


10% of goal
10% of goal will go to Save The Children.


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AccessPass: Ginger Wildheart Triple Album: 30 songs + all updates

Ginger Wildheart Triple Album: 30 songs + all updates

You will get all 30 songs digitally delivered to your inbox for just £10, as well as access to exclusive online content during the making of the album!! Just £0.30 a song. Bargain.

"100%" Single Cd

£12 - £15
All gone!

You’ll receive the single disk, 12 track CD album, along with the 30 song download.

Exclusive Ginger DVD

£15 - £20
All gone!

We’ve listened to your feedback, and due to overwhelming demand, we will be making a DVD featuring all of the update mini movies available as a new item! The DVD will contain all of the videos that have (and will) be filmed throughout the recording process (along with bonus clips from the cutting room floor for good measure). It’ll also feature 2 alternative commentary tracks from Random Jon Poole as he re-watches all of the videos at the end of this process. These commentaries will be titled ‘Sober’ and ‘Drunk’. In addition to the above, the DVD will also feature an exclusive short film covering Ginger’s upcoming shows with Headcat in London & Berlin along with tour footage from the upcoming December 2011 Tour (including Hard Rock Hell, Helsinki and the sold-out Birthday gig). This will only be available to pledgers!

Deluxe 3 CD set

£20 - £25
All gone!

Only available to those that pre order this triple album, this 3 cd set will contain all 30 songs recorded for this project and will never be available to buy in shops. Strictly made to order.

Signed Deluxe 3CD Set

£25 - £30
All gone!

As above but signed by Ginger

Deluxe Triple Album Vinyl

£40 - £45
All gone!

You’ll receive a Deluxe triple album (made to order) copy of the album (Never to be commercially released) + Downloads of all 30 songs

The VERY Special Thanks Liner Note Package

£100 - £110
All gone!

You’ll be personally thanked in the liner notes + receive a deluxe triple album vinyl set + signed triple CD + Numbered Frankenstein Mutation Print + Download of all 30 tracks