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Hazlitt Album

Pledge for a full length album, raise money for the British Heart Foundation, get exclusive rewards!



of goal

It’s time to be heard….

your support is my driving force, the reason I keep doing this, as long as you like what I do I’ll keep doing it!

Do you fancy having your name credited in my album? Or coming to the studio to watch me recording new tracks? You could even just pre-order the album for download – so whether you have a little or a lot to give, it’s all vital to make this happen.

Pledge to help fund the new Hazlitt full-length album, and get exclusive rewards for your contribution.

Once the target is reached, a percentage of the profits will be donated to the British Heart Foundation for further research on cardiac arthythmia and heart disease, issues which have touched my life and I try to raise awareness about, especially in young people. Your pledge can really make a difference.

25% post goal
25% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to British Heart Foundation.


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AccessPass: Download + updates

Download + updates

A full-length Hazlitt album, produced by Hazlitt, Kevin Jones & Olga Fitzroy



CD delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured

Signed CD


CD signed and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured

Signed CD & Photo


A signed copy of the new album with a signed photo

Handwritten lyric sheet

25 left

Handwritten lyrics of your chosen Hazlitt track

Handwritten thankyou note

96 left

Personalised handwritten thank you note from Hazlitt with signed photo

Tiger Suit worn by Hazlitt

Tiger Suit worn by Hazlitt
All gone!

The tiger suit as worn by Hazlitt in a photoshoot

Voice lesson

13 left

Voice lesson from Hazlitt, an hour of singing whatever you like to sing! You could even have more than one ;) Via Skype.

Your name in the credits

25 left

Your name in CD credits with a thank you

Military Jacket worn by Hazlitt

Military Jacket worn by Hazlitt
All gone!

The cream military jacket Hazlitt wore in her first photoshoot, as seen in the gallery on the website, the only one of its kind!

Attend Studio Session

4 left

Come to a session of Hazlitt recording in London and hear the tracks being made from scratch

A track written for you only

2 left

Commission your own special Hazlitt instrumental track, written especially for you – could even be a cover if you’ve already written a song! You can choose the lyrics, or have them written about you.

Executive producer credit

3 left

Your name as executive producer on my new album!

Have your initials tattooed on Hazlitt

1 left

Your initials tattooed on Hazlitt (Location of tattoo at discretion of artist, no rude words, can be 2 or 3 letters)