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23 Hours Till the Door Closes

Pretty Peoples:

Couple things:

--In about 23 hours--at 6 pm EST, tomorrow--you will not be able to order physical items anymore, like signed vinyl, CDs, etc. (downloadables you can still pledge for). We gotta start ordering/manufacturing/signing ’em now.

--I’m in the studio, recording the songs for the “Stripped-Down, Acoustic Versions” pledge--where you get the “real” album, plus a download of 20 alternate, acoustic versions of songs--many not on the “real” album--and, um, it’s sounding pretty dope. About a third of the pledgers have selected it; I’m hoping more peeps will pledge for it.

It’s been a little more work than I anticipated, but I’m really proud of it. If you didn’t pledge for it, consider adding it to your pledge? It’ll cost you $12, and I can dig it if you’re like, “Yeah, but I already pledged”, but it’s rull good.


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