Project was closed before goal was reached.

Untitled album

Help Skelectory release their first album!


The plan is to release an album thru CD Baby or a similar service.
This would be Skelectorys first official release. The album would contain at least 7 original songs with the approximate length of 45 to 50 minutes.

Most of the songs have been written and recorded for the most part, but without your help they would likely not see much of day light due to the lack of funds to finish production and arrange a physical release.

With your help we will make this album happen!
And please note that 50% of funds after the target has been reached will go to ASPCA! Yeah…we’re animal lovers and proud of it!
Thanx for listening!

A very short bio:
Skelectory was created as a one man musical project sometime around 2005…Or maybe 2006. After recording a (horrible) 4 song demo, Armand (the only member at the time) decided that sucking at music alone isn’t as fulfilling as he first thought and started the search for like-minded individuals. In March of 2012 his quest brought him to vocalist and songwriter Zy .
With the help of guitarist and a close friend Mr. Maero (formally of Urskumug), Skelectory immediately started recording material that’s been piling up ever since Skelectory was created.

50% post goal
50% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to ASPCA.


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AccessPass: Untitled Album

Untitled Album

The digital release will feature at least one extra track not available on the physical release.

Signed CD


CD signed and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured

Signed CD plus stickers


A signed copy of the CD plus 4 stickers featuring the Skelectory logo.

T shirt

10 left

This would get you a T shirt (size L) with the skelectory logo.

New releases


This will buy a copy of any future digital releases. Delivered to your E mail.

Signed CD plus stickers and a T shirt

10 left

A signed CD plus stickers and a T shirt (size L) with the Skelectory logo.

A song with your name in the lyrics

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This would get you a song with your name in the lyrics. You get the finished song in your mail box.

A signed guitar, signed CD and a T shirt

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This would get you a used and abused but fully functional signed Epiphole LP, a signed CD and a t shirt (size L) with the Skelectory logo.

A song with your lyrics

1 left

You write the lyrics, we sing and record them with our music! You get the finished song in your mail box.

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