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The Black Lillies

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New Album + Video

The Black Lillies are making a brand new album and video! Please support top shelf independent music with no rules.



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It’s on, people! We’ve been running up and down the highways in support of our first two records, “Whiskey Angel” and “100 Miles of Wreckage” – and now it’s time to come home and get back into the studio. This year, we’ll be making a brand new record and a video to follow our CMT hit, “Two Hearts Down.” We need your support to help make these our best record and video yet! With your pledges, we can collectively create great independent music.

Remember: no record deals …. no red tape …. no hype …. just quality, honest music and the direct artist-to-fan relationship! And with your pledge, you’ll be kept up-to-date with the entire creative process through videos, photos, and blogs. We’re offering a comprehensive list of premiums to the right → ranging from band-sanctioned bootlegs and house concerts to exclusive band artwork and even an appearance in our new video!

In addition to funding a new record and video, we’ll be donating a portion of all money raised to The Joy of Music School in Knoxville, Tennessee ( This amazing program helps underprivileged children receive private lessons and instruments for their music education. They even put pianos in the homes of piano students at absolutely no cost to the student and their family! As a music teacher myself, this cause is dear to my heart. I’ve seen the power of music transform and inspire so many young people through a developed passion and focus in their life. Whatever your passion, everyone deserves an opportunity like that.

This is a quickly changing world we’re living in, and the music industry is evolving just as fast! So enter the world of fan-supported music. Please pledge your support for the upcoming Black Lillies record and video and help us make top-shelf independent music with no rules or restrictions! Let’s do this together!

On behalf of the band, we’re much obliged!

Cruz Contreras

5% of funds
5% of all money raised will go to The Joy Of Music School.


AccessPass included with all exclusive items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Exclusive Live Album

Exclusive Live Album

A digital download “best of” live tracks from the past three years, available exclusively to Pledgers!

Autographed Parking Ticket!

2 left

The band van spends a lot of time parked on city streets, especially when we’re at home …. and unfortunately, we’ve managed to rack up quite a few parking tickets. We’ll autograph one for you and send it out!

Digital Download of New Album


Digital download of brand new album sent to you before it’s available anywhere.

New Album on CD

$20 - $28

Copy of New CD.

Personalized Autographed CD

$25 - $33

Personalized and autographed copy of the new album on CD. Won’t your friends be jealous?

"Pledger-Only" T-Shirt

$30 - $38
20 left

An exclusive t-shirt designed only for people who pledge! PLUS a download of the new live album!

Autographed Photo

$40 - $45
39 left

Your choice of a live concert shot by Eric Smith or promotional photo by David McClister, autographed by the band and personalized to you.

Exclusive Pledger-Only Autographed Poster

$40 - $48
32 left

Screenprinted limited edition custom poster designed by Status Serigraph, autographed by the band and personalized to you.

Signed Vinyl

$40 - $48
15 left

You like it old school. So do we, so we’ll mail you a signed copy of the new album on vinyl once it’s in hand. Please note that this will take about a month longer to receive than CD (but it will sound oh so good!). In the meantime, you will get the download of the new live album.

Handwritten Lyrics + Autographed CD

$50 - $58
15 left

Choose your favorite Black Lillies song and Cruz will handwrite the lyrics especially for you, PLUS you’ll get a personalized autographed CD.

Handwritten Sheet Music + Autographed CD

$55 - $110

Cruz will handwrite the chords and lyrics to the Black Lillies song(s) of your choice, plus the band will autograph a copy of the new album

Mystery Box

$60 - $70
9 left

We’ve collected a lot of stuff on the road, and we’ll pull some of it together for you. What you’ll receive is a surprise …. some may be useful, some funny, some just plain odd.

Personalized Video & Requested Song by Cruz


Choose your favorite Black Lillies song and Cruz will record a video, playing it especially for you! You’ll get a personal thank you message in the video, as well.

Black Package

$95 - $105
5 left

The new CD signed, signed donor-only poster and the exclusive tee.

Your Name in Liner Notes + Signed CD

$100 - $108
3 left

Get your name (or the name of a loved one) in the liner notes of the new album, plus receive an autographed copy of the album before it is released to the general public.

Artwork by Tom

$125 - $135
3 left

Did you know that Tom Pryor, in addition to being an incredible musician, is also a hell of an artist? Get your very own signed print by Tom.

TGB's Handmade Gourd Shakers

$125 - $135
16 left

Trisha Gene will handmake you a personalized set of gourd shakers, just like the ones she uses on stage!

Meet & Greet in Your Town

9 left

Pre-show meet & greet for up to four people in your town.

Personalized Video & Requested Song from the Whole Band!


Choose your favorite Black Lillies song and we will record a video of the whole band playing it especially for you! You’ll get a personal thank you message in the video, as well.

5 CDs You Should Hear

$150 - $160
7 left

Each band member will select one album that they think you need to hear and we’ll send you a bundle of all five of them. It’s like we’re curating our own radio station!

Deluxe Black Package

$150 - $158
12 left

The new album signed, the signed poster, the exclusive tee AND your name in the credits…for a low low price.

One-Hour Music Lesson

11 left

One-hour lesson from your favorite band member, either in person or via Skype.

Your Name in Vinyl

$200 - $210
41 left

Your name will be stamped in the grooves of the vinyl copy of our new album. Plus, you’ll get your very own copy of the album on vinyl before it is released to the general public. Pretty cool, huh?

Dinner and a Show

15 left

You and a friend will grab dinner with the band, then see their show! Available in the town of your choice pending band availability and schedule. Includes dinner and tickets for the show.

Hang with the band in your town!

11 left

Hang out with us when we’re in your town! We can go to a bar, play mini golf, climb mountains, or just hang in your backyard. It’s up to you! Based on schedule availability. You’ll get a minimum of two hours with the band and can bring up to three friends. Does not include the cost of the activities selected.

Go Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry

1 left

Join us backstage at the Grand Ole Opry – hang in our dressing room and watch our performance from the wings of the stage. Plus, join us for dinner or drinks after the show! You’re responsible for transportation to Nashville.

Night Out in Knoxville + Backstage at CD Release

3 left

We’ll take you out on the town, including a trip to Toot’s Little Honky Tonk (the inspiration behind “Three in the Mornin’”). You’ve got to get yourself to Knoxville, but we’ll take care of you from there! Includes a backstage pass to our CD release show in Knoxville.

Camping & Private Acoustic Jam

3 left

Bring your tents and sleeping bags and get ready for an unforgettable evening! You and up to ten of your friends can join us at a private residence on the French Broad River in Knoxville, TN for an evening of camping and jamming around the campfire. Bring your instruments and join in, or just listen to your own private concert.

Acoustic House Concert


Performance at the location of your choice for up to 75 people on a mutually agreeable date. Doesn’t include travel expenses, if the date is not already routed. Does not include sound equipment – this will be an acoustic show.

Private Show for up to 200 People

4 left

Private concert for up to 200 people, inclusive of sound equipment, at the venue of your choice. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Additional travel costs will apply if outside of the continental United States or if tour routing does not coincide with your selected date.