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The Cold and Lovely

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Our Debut Album

We are almost ready to release our debut album! Pledge here to be a part of it + raise money for Rock Camp for Girls!



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My name is Meghan Toohey and my band is The Cold and Lovely. This project has been a long time coming for me and I’m so excited to share it with you! Years ago I fronted a band called The So and So’s in Boston, MA. I moved to LA six years ago and switched my focus to playing guitar for other artists (The Weepies, Lenka, Lucy Schwartz) and working as a music producer (Vivek Shraya, Garrison Starr, Margaret Cho). This record is a return to my own music, something I have been waiting for the right time to jump back into.

When my friend Nicole Fiorentino (The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Spinnerette) heard my demos, she expressed interest in working with me and encouraged me to finish those songs and write others. When The Smashing Pumpkins set up camp in Sedona, AZ to write their upcoming release, “Oceania”, Nicole asked me to come along. It was in the very magical land of Sedona that I had a sort of “rebirth” as a writer. In this tiny cabin in the middle of the woods, I wrote and recorded 16 songs all on my laptop, many of which are included on our debut album.

While volunteering at the Rock Camp for Girls in Los Angeles, Nicole and I connected with Patty Schemel (Hole, Imperial Teen, Hits So Hard Documentary). After listening to the demos, Patty offered up her monster drums skills and we got her into the studio. Her very distinct drumming cemented the sound of the band and Nicole and I knew the three of us would make up the core of The Cold and Lovely.

After years of crazy music industry experiences, we all simply love music and have created a record that comes from our hearts. We feel very passionately that it deserves to be heard, which is why we are asking for your help. Several of our friends have contributed by making special appearances on the record, including Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups.

Not surprisingly, our charity of choice is the Rock Camp for Girls where we spent time mentoring girls/women and teaching them how to support one another, work together and empower themselves. It’s been an amazing and transformational experience for all of us. We hope you will choose to support this wonderful cause through our pledge campaign!

Thanks for visiting and we hope you pledge and help us put our record out in to the world. We hope you enjoy our music and the exclusives we are offering for our campaign!

Meghan, Nicole, and Patty

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles.


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AccessPass: The Cold & Lovely Debut Album Digital Download

The Cold & Lovely Debut Album Digital Download

It’s finally time to release our debut album! To get an advance download of the record + gain access to all of our exclusive updates, pledge on this exclusive or any of the others below.


$12 - $15

The very first TC&L album on CD delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured, just waiting to be scratched up in the side door of your car! It will come in an mailing envelope with a stamp on it, for those of you that like it “old school”.

Signed CD


The first TC&L record on CD signed. Sent to you as soon as we’ve had a chance to sign them. FYI: Nicole has a sloppy signature.

TC&L T-Shirt

$20 - $25
147 left

The first ever Cold & Lovely T-shirt. People will ask you, “what does ‘The Cold And Lovely mean?’” and you can say “I’m not sure, but they are my favorite band”.

Nicole's Signature Bass Picks (Set of 3)

4 left

3 of Nicole’s personal SP signature picks for you to rock out with! You can pick your friends…. you can pick your nose…. but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. However, with these picks…. you can pick all three.

Patty Schemel signed set of drum sticks

All gone!

A set of Patty’s drumsticks, personalized by her. Patty’s new book “Sticks and Stones” not included.

Signed Album Art Poster

$40 - $45
38 left

We’re putting our awesome album artwork (designed by Jay LeRoy) onto a poster and would love for you to be among the first to have one.

We’ll all write something on your TC&L poster! We’ll try and keep it clean….

You can hang it on your wall OR you can put it on your ceiling. IT’S ALL YOU, BABY BOO

Signed "Thank You" card designed by the band.

46 left

A personalized “Thank You” card designed by the band. NOTE TO BUYER: None of us can draw, but you might actually like that!

"Thank you" in liner notes + Signed CD

$60 - $63
All gone!

We will personally thank you for your pledge in the liner notes of the album. You will be that famous…. Plus a signed CD so you can see the shout out for yourself.

One of a kind 5 song Acoustic EP CDR

$65 - $68
12 left

With this gem dandy of an offer you get a TC&L EP featuring acoustic versions of 5 tracks off the new record. IF YOU ACT NOW you will also get a custom CDR CD sleeve that may or may not come with a custom coffee ring stain and handwritten track list!

Random Mystery Tote Bag

$75 - $85
15 left

We’ll fill a random “mystery tote bag” with wild items from our past and future. It could be anything from our favorite albums to our favorite Mac and Cheese. There may or may not be an awkward picture of Meghan in a drum major uniform included. We promise to make it worth your $75.

Personal Skype to PLAY 20 Questions with TC&L

6 left

We’ll call you up on Skype and you will have 30 minutes to PLAY 20 questions with the band. If you don’t guess right….you will lose the game. NOTE TO BUYER: You can also ask us any questions you have about the band during this session.

One on One Songwriting with Meghan via Skype

4 left

Do you love your cat named Kevin but have never fully expressed just how much? Meghan will help you create a song with your choice of subject matter. But hey, let’s keep it clean (unless there’s a really good rhyme available.)

Handwritten & Framed Lyric Sheet

$150 - $160
13 left

Meg will handwrite out the lyrics to the C&L song of your choice. Heck, we will even frame it for you. NOTE TO BUYER: Meghan has really neat handwriting.

Pizza Party Rehearsal Hang in Los Angeles

3 left

Come hang with us in LA during a TC&L rehearsal. Because of different touring schedules, certain band members may be available on certain dates and others may not. Bear with us and we’ll find a date that includes all of the members you want to be there…. But we will totally turn on the black light posters and our lava lamps and eat pizza together and it will be totally sweet, braugh!

Lunch is on us :)

8G iPod Nano filled with Songs hand picked by the band

$225 - $235
All gone!

We pick the music on your brand new Nano. You get an insight into our musical minds. Someone in the band may secretly like Norah Jones. You won’t know unless you pledge.

One on One Songwriting Session with Meghan in LA or BOSTON

2 left

See the above description for the song writing session with Meghan via skype, except meet her in person and eat a bowl of Cheetos while writing the song together. If you can get yourself to either location, consider it done.

See a local LA band, grab a drink with Meghan and Nicole

3 left

We love to support local music. Come check out a local fav band of ours in LA. Bring a guest! We’ll even buy you a drink. Must be 21+ and NO FAKIES

Dinner with us in LA

2 left

BON APPETITE! We’re gonna buy you a nice dinner for you and a friend at one of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. We’re all foodies so you don’t have to worry about us taking you to Applebee’s (although you can’t go wrong with the sliders). This will have to be arranged for a time when both Meghan and Nicole are in town.

*Price includes dinner

Your Song Produced and Recorded by Meghan

8 left

Do you want to sound like TC&L or would you like to create a unique fresh and dazzling sound that will wow your friends? Meg (a grammy nominated producer) will work with you as a producer/engineer/mulit-instrumentalist/mixer to create a recording of your own song, just as she did for the recording of TC&L record. This can be done remotely or in person in Los Angeles.

Acoustic Living Room Concert In Los Angeles

3 left

We want to come to your house in LA and play a special house concert for you and your friends! You can invite anyone but the Kardashians!

*Note: Price reflects cost of performance. Any necessary travel and/or accommodations are additional, the responsibility of the pledger and to be determined once date and location of show have been set. ALSO, number of band members is TBD depending upon each of their respective touring schedules.

Nicole Fiorentino Custom Fender P Bass

$1,800 - $1,850
All gone!

NO WAY!!! This is a custom 2005 Fender P Bass in a yellow finish with a maple neck, black pick guard, and active pickups. It’s pictured in several photos of Nicole performing online. You can google this. This bass ALSO has been used on tour with both SP and Veruca Salt. It will be personalized by her if you wish or you can just keep it as is. Shipped in a reallllllly beat up case. I mean REALLY beat up. You’ll want to get a new one, but it’s Nicole case and it’s been around the world.

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