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The Commander-In-Chief

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The face-melting EVOLUTION TOUR will go on - thanks to YOU! Free downloads and exclusive rewards for pledgers!


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I am very excited about working with PledgeMusic on this! It has been awesome to tour around the UK this summer and I cannot wait to play at Bloodstock Metal Festival on August 10th, with Alice Cooper headlining.

I want the tour to go on after Bloodstock! It is great to meet so many fans, who come out to see me live. The support from the audience and other musicians has been overwhelming! Being an unsigned soloartist it tough financially, since touring costs money! To continue my Evolution Tour I ask for your support now! The more people we get to pledge, the more venues and countries I can confirm – and I am ready to be on the road for a long time!

I have some very cool rewards/incentives for you guys! No matter what you pledge, you will get my song “Illusions are Dying” (from my critically acclaimed and un-released Demo EP “Battle for the Mind”)as a FREE download.
In addition I have a very exclusive reward for those who pledge early! I released my first music video, for my song “Dropout” last week. It is the new version of the song (mixed by Pantera producer Sterling Winfield). This version has NOT been released, yet! Anyone who pledges the first two weeks of this campaign will get the song for FREE, as an mp3, in one of my weekly emails to pledgers – before the official release date for the song and before any radios have it!

Right now you can see me in the world’s number 1 Metal Magazine; Revolver Magazine, where I am their Hottest Chick in Hard Rock in the July/August issue! It is totally awesome to see that IT IS POSSIBLE to make things happen, even as an unsigned artist, and I really want to take this to the next level now, with YOUR help!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to check me out and thanks a lot for your support! It means the world to me!

5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Kids With Food Allergies Foundation.


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  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Evolution Tour live video

Evolution Tour live video

A live video from one of my Evolution Tour Shows, with 3 full songs.

Debut EP Evolution, signed physical copy


EP delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured. The EP is not for sale as a physical copy anywhere else since it was released digitally only.

Signed photo with personal message


Get the official photo signed with a personal message!

Evolution EP and previous Demo

7 left

The physical copy of the Evolution EP (only available here) and my previous Demo EP (Battle for the Mind). Both signed and sent to you as soon as the Evolution EP is manufactured.

NEW Evolution T-Shirt, signed.


Get my NEW Evolution T-shirt, signed, as soon as it is manufactured.

Birthday card

10 left

Birthday card from me to you on your next birthday

Birthday song

10 left

Birthday song sung by me on phone on your next birthday

Phone call from The Chief


I will call you on skype for a 20 minute chat!

Introduce band at a show

5 left

Introduce the band at a show to let the people know who they are there to see. If you can get there, you’re in! Incs VIP passes for you and a friend

Limited edition EP with hand made artwork

5 left

Exclusive limited number of debut EPs, signed, with artwork hand-made by The Chief.She had her artwork showcased at the age of 18 and she is praised for her innovative visual arts. There will be 4 themes (one for each song)with 5 of each theme made.

Come to a rehearsal

10 left

You and a friend can come to our rehearsal in the London area, or we can Skype you in if you can’t get there

Guitar lesson on Skype

11 left

Get an exclusive private guitar lesson with me on Skype!

Care Package

16 left

CD, T Shirt, Poster, Badges, Treats and Surprises

2 x VIP Passes show of your choice

9 left

2 x VIP passes to a show of your choice. If you can get there you’re in.

Handwritten, signed, numbered lyric sheet

39 left

I will hand write the lyrics for the songs from my debut EP Evolution. I will do 10 of each song, sing and number them. Make sure you get these ones in your collection!

Singing lesson with The Chief and her voice teacher together

10 left

An exclusive chance to get a 90 minutes voice lesson with me and my singing teacher (who studied with a multi award winning Italian soprano). Old School Italian Bel Canto technique. The lesson will be given in person in the UK, either at my home, or behind the scenes before any of my gigs.

Dinner with The Chief and her band

4 left

You get to one of our shows and we will take you out for a dinner! In 2012 that will be in the UK.

Exclusive dinner with me

5 left

An exclusive chance to have my full attention while enjoying great food at a restaurant I will pick. I grew up in Italy and France so good food is an important part of my life! You can ask my anything about my music and I will even let you know my real name. You have to come to the London area or hook up with me on one of the places where I gig.

Private concert in my Music room and dinner

5 left

I will give you a private concert in my home, in the London area, and let you hear some new unrecorded songs, that have never been played live before. Afterwards we will treat you to dinner and take pictures with you.

House party gig


We will come to your house and play for you and your friends! If outside the UK, you have to cover transportation for me and the band. Anywhere in the UK, but outside the London area, you also have to cover transportation for the band.

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