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Amanda Bocchi is an Americana soul artist emerging from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She marries together jazz harmony, roots music and a soulful voice to create her own vibe: Americana Soul Flood. Her lyrics swing from the sweetness of motherhood to the death rattle of addiction. Organ Donor, Amanda’s sophomore album, is a memoir of her experience through heroin addiction and her transformation into recovery.

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Becoming an Organ Donor

I'm recording my sophmore album about my transformation from heroin to heroine.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for being here! Organ Donor is a very special project to me. I've been on a recording hiatus for the last decade as I struggled with heroin and opiate addiction. After my first album, Cereal Box Murder was released in 2006, addiction halted my music career. I staggered through life attempting to find meaning in a substance. In May 2016 I did my last hit of dope and entered into recovery. During active addiction I continued to wield my tarnished and beautiful ex...
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