Hip Hop / Rap, Pop, Singer-Songwriter
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There is some really exciting original music being written, recorded and produced here in the music department at Itchen Sixth Form College. We really want it to be heard by as many people as possible so were making a digital download and a CD which will be available in April 2018.
The musical styles range from Indie Rock to Pop, Tropical House and Rap.
If you can pledge £5 (or £10 for a signed CD) you will help us cover the costs of CD duplication, artwork production and a professional master of the recordings. All the things that will help us make our music stand out and be heard.

Current Project


Music at Itchen Sixth Form College

Best of Music at Itchen Sixth Form College 2018

A selection of original music written, recorded and performed by the incredibly talented students at Itchen Sixth Form College. This album will be fresh and exciting, giving a glimpse of things to come from a new generation of songwriters and performers. You will no doubt hear some of these artists again in the future as they progress with their music careers.
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