Hard rock, Power pop, Rock


Pat Badger is the bassist in the band Extreme. He made his debut solo album in 2014 called “Badger – Time Will Tell” and really spread his wings by singing lead vocals and playing bass.

The first album was recorded when Bleu (one of Pat’s favorite artists and songwriters) sent Pat a batch of 35 songs and he was so inspired to record some of them that he jumped on the phone asking Bleu to come to Boston to start recording at Ice Station Zebra with Grammy award winning engineer Ducky Carlisle!

The latest project is called “The Nasty Ass Honey Badgers”. Bleu and Pat are hard at work at Ice Station Zebra yet again and have invited some special guests to participate in the making of this one! It is slated to be released in the spring of 2016. Please join us as we give you the opportunity to look behind the curtain into the studio as we write and record the new album!



Nasty Ass Honey Badgers

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