Indie folk, Lo-fi
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“(Besides Daniel’s) music is both intimate and epic, with joyful sing-alongs and moments of quiet reflection.” – NPR’s All Songs Considered

“Besides Daniel never ceases to impress the blogosphere and music critics alike. Always reinventing himself, Brewer seems to gain new fans with every stretch creatively while keeping the longtime fans on the edge of their seat.” – The Blue Indian

“(Besides Daniel’s) raw brand of folk music inspires listeners to open up to their vulnerabilities, as he, sometimes stingingly, exposes his own.” – Savannah Now

“(Besides Daniel’s last album) ‘This Marvelous Grief’ is an album to mourn with, lick your wounds with, and rise up a stronger person with.” – WordKrapht Music Blog

“(Besides Daniel creates) beautifully textured choral sections, and incredible lyrics. This could be your new favorite band.” – Ear To The Ground Music

“‘The Marvellous Grief’ is a down right treat for your ears that sounds like it’s walked freshly off an indie movie soundtrack.” – KUBE Radio

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