Folk, Gypsy jazz, Punk
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Buffo’s Wake are a twelve-legged beast hatched in the murky backwater of Brighton, UK. Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto they waltz, tango, mosh and kolo their way through a huge range of styles, drawn from Eastern European, Balkan and Russian folk, to punk rock and cabaret. Their songs tell tall-tales of debauchery, deformity, zombie anatomy and the inevitable impending apocalypse.

With influences ranging from Abba to Zappa, Buffo’s Wake have quite rightly been described as Musical schizophrenics.
Their diverse backgrounds, ranging from Drum n Bass DJ’s to classically trained string players, punks to funk and poets to showmen, means you’re never quite sure what to expect next from Buffo’s Wake.
In their 6 year lifespan, they have toured all over the world, from the Fjords of Norway to the islands of Croatia and the hills of Tennessee, and have honed their live performances into a finely tuned ball of Carnival-Punk chaos!

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