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High art, high class, high gloss, high drama – Meet Calista Kazuko, the High Priestess of ‘Pop Macabre’. She’s your goddess with a grand piano, your femme-fatale, Amanda Palmer with a Vogue makeover and a loaded gun in her handbag.

The child of classical music royalty and Royal Academy of Music trained, multi-instrumentalist Calista has her own special way with music in general and story-telling songwriting in particular. Her performances are dry, heady cocktails that will leave your emotions exposed and giddy – not so much lightning in a bottle as the conjuror of the storm – and have earned her a reputation as an unrelenting force from LA to London, winning over many fans with her dynamic voice and captivating songwriting.

Having flirted with commercial success, making international floor-fillers under pseudonyms, culminating in a top 5 UK chart hit and performances from the Royal Albert Hall to Wembley Arena, Calista is now carving out her own genre with a diamond-edged blade.

Calista appreciates the power of music and her songs open dialogue about important issues such as sexuality, equality, mental health and abuse. An advocate for independent music, Calista self-released her debut solo EP ‘Project: Love Me’ in 2017 to critical acclaim. The result of a collaboration with film composer Guy Dagul, the release features a cinematic collection of songs which takes the listener on a journey filled with passion, man-eating and drama.

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"Empress" - the Album!

I'm making my debut solo studio album and I want you there by my side!!

Dear beautiful friends, old and new, Oh heeeey! Thanks so much for bringing your fabulous selves to this page :D It’s my divine pleasure to meet you all and share this sublime project!! 2017 was frightfully exciting as I self-released my debut solo EP ‘Project: Love Me’! Working with the most wondrous team of artists to create a record of which I am totally proud was an absolute dream. We hope that you enjoyed this fabulously twisted world as much as we enjoyed making it! And now we...
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