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“This record is greatly influenced by my love of science fiction realism. It’s a break up record and my character, Traveller, is on a different planet looking for True Love”.

Charlotte Hatherley is a true musical polymath. Her inspired soundtrack work, live performances and exquisite production have made her a much sought-after collaborator working with Ash, Bryan Ferry, Bat For Lashes, Birdy, KT Tunstall, Squarepusher, NZCA Lines and XTC’s Andy Partridge as well as venturing into the worlds of fashion, theatre and film.

Hatherley will release her new record, ‘True Love’, as a strictly limited edition vinyl album, preceded by the pulsating, futuristic single ‘A Sign’. Influenced in equal parts by sci-fi and heartbreak, ‘True Love’, is a cinematic melancholic pop record containing co-writes with Michael Lovett from NZCA Lines and guest vocal appearance from Scritti Politti frontman, Green Gartside.

In addition to her own album, Charlotte composed the score for The Last Man, a dystopian sci-fi short directed by renowned designer and FX artist Gavin Rothery (Moon) and starring Ben Wheatley favourite Richard Glover (Sightseers, A Field In England), and will soon begin work on her first feature length score.

Of the sci-fi soundtrack inspiration, Charlotte says “Around the time I started writing the soundtrack to ‘The Last Man’ I started to revisit a lot of soundtracks from the 1970s and 1980s – Vangelis’ Bladerunner, the Artemiev and Martinez soundtracks for Solaris. These were a huge influence so at the time of writing the record I was only listening to soundtrack music, Cliff Martinez, Disasterpiece, John Carpenter, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sinoia Caves, Angelo Badalamenti.

The video for ‘A Sign’, directed by Rothery, features Charlotte in full ‘Traveller’ makeup and space suit walking along an ordinary beach on a far-flung oceanic planet. But there are two suns in the sky and a ringed planet on the horizon. As Charlotte describes it “This is not quite Earth”. Co-written with fellow sci-fi enthusiast Michael Lovett from NZCA Lines, Charlotte describes A Sign as being about “Walking into an unknown future not knowing what hand you’re going to be dealt. Not knowing whether you’re making the right decisions. There is no choice but to move forwards and in these very uncertain times wouldn’t we all like ‘A Sign’ to let us know things are going to be ok, so we can sleep a little easier at night?”

Following her soundtrack work on The Last Man Charlotte has also ventured into theatre, writing the music for the acclaimed NHS-themed London stage play This May Hurt A Bit (directed by Max Stafford-Clark) and the world of advertising, with slick, sonorous soundtracks for transformative body architect Lucy McRae and fashion designer Jayne Pierson.

Having produced some of the most dynamic music in the soundtrack realm, Hatherley looks set to join the ranks of other rock musicians turned composers such as Clint Mansell, Cliff Martinez, Trent Reznor and Mica Levi.

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