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Corin Ashley is a singer/songwriter from Boston who, for over 10 years, was the driving force behind the hyper mod pop band, The Pills. Over the course of three albums, and extensive touring in the U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K, the Pills garnered rave reviews for their frenetic live show and appeared with The B- 52s, The Smithereens, Supergrass, The Libertines, Juliana Hatfield, Robyn Hitchcock, Ian Hunter, Edwin McCain, Sloan, Jimmy Cliff and others.

Corin has released two solo albums, the last of which “New Lion Terraces” gathered rave reviews for it’s lightly toasted psychedelia and pure pop prowess. Jack Rabid of the Big Takeover Magazine named it one of his favorite albums of the year. Shindig Magazine said his music “evokes the best of Glenn Tilbrook, Harry Nilsson and 70’s McCartney” and live shows followed opening for such a disparate range of artists as the Beach Boys, Foreigner and Styx as well as a triumphant evening opening for Dave Davies of The KInks

Setting off to record a follow up, Corin was in the mixing stages of the album when he suffered a stroke in January of 2016. Unable to play guitar or sing due to neurological paralysis on his left side, his friends continue to work on finishing the album on his behalf while he spent months doing physical rehabilitation, speech therapy and vocal therapy. Over the months, his fingers made a spectacular recovery, his speech got less slurry and he was just recently able to sing the final lead vocal for the album. Finishing up a track he had started before the stroke, Corin drew on his experiences on the 11th floor of Beth Israel Hospital- the stroke ward- to come up with an image of himself as a recently broken biscuit- a prescient theme that runs through the lyrics to many of the songs written before his health crisis,


Corin Ashley

Broken Biscuits

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