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For more than 27 years the Berlin-based band DE/VISION has been one of the most consistent and reliable representatives in the Electro-Pop genre. However, instead of resting on their hard-won acclaim, Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam embarked on a turbulent odyssey through the landscape of indie labels and major companies until they found home within their very own label, Popgefahr Records. Musically, DE/VISION has never settled into one specific style as they have happily explored the fringes of electronic music realms, which has been manifested by their uncountable albums, several “Best-of“ compilations and a number of remix albums of their previous piece, POPGEFAHR.

With their latest release “Rockets & Swords”, DE/VISION present themselves as a downright grown-up electro band. Their wealth of experience, which has been gathered over decades, enables them to always concentrate on the bare essentials and to write those emphatic pop gems wrapped in wonderfully multifaceted sound garments. Simple but effectively produced arrangements make the electro heart beat faster and fill the dance floors, conjuring one’s very own pictures onto the screen of the inner eye. This really is impressive pop cinema!

In 2013 the band celebrated a very special anniversary: 25 years of DE/VISION. In this context, the duo released a live album and a DVD, which were recorded during the band’s “Best of-Tour 2013”. Currently, DE/VISION is working on a new studio album which is set to be released in May, 2016.


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