Alternative rock, New Wave, Post-punk
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Alternative and college rock pioneers Dumptruck return with their first studio release in 17 years! Wrecked, says principal songwriter and sole continuous member of the band Seth Tiven, is a somewhat political title and reflects, as Tiven declares, “how I feel right now…”. Scheduled for a fall release, Wrecked is a triumphant return to form for Tiven and his bandmates. Filled with the ringing, swirling, and twanging signature guitar work that has always been the bands hallmark, Tiven’s songwriting has never been steadier or more pointed.

Stay tuned for updates on the PledgeMusic campaign to get the record released, which should start in very early June2017

Dumptruck, formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1983 by guitarists and singers Seth Tiven and Kirk Swan, is – for lack of a better turn of a phrase – the band that wouldn’t die. Coming quickly out of the gate in the college radio heyday that was the early 1980’s, critics and fans alike responded to Tiven and Swan’s earliest efforts, 1984’s D is for Dumptruck and 1986’s Positively, with rave reviews. A following quickly grew, but the wear and tear of years on the road led to Swan deciding to part ways with the band in late ‘86. Tiven, faced with calling it quits or carrying on did the only thing he knew to do – soldier on. Now based out of Austin, Texas and with a rotating collection of steady bandmates, Tiven has released four studio albums in the years since. From 1987’s critically acclaimed for the country to 2001’s muscular Lemmings Travel to the Sea, Tiven has stayed true to his original muse – powerfully personal songs floating on an endless wave of driving guitar. The new record, Wrecked, is more of the same with, perhaps, a touch more anger and a lot more of the wisdom that comes with having kept Dumptruck alive and vital for all of these years. Click anywhere in this paragraph to see a discography of the band or get info on ordering.



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