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As you can see from the recording, I do not have studio-level sound yet. I don’t have money for studio time. Although I did not produce the original beat (Marsha Ambrosius “I Lost You” #unreleased #goodbutrare) to my featured joint “Don’t U Show Up (#Unannounced)”, I will prove to you guys that I`m capable of producing and songwriting my own material on a very frequent and recurring basis. I want to make a one to two songs weekly so that I can prove to you guys that I am no fraud or a charlatan.

Eventually, I want my dream to become true of creating music which “pushes the envelope” which addresses the social mores of a dystopia of contemporary society. I’m tired of the decadence of contemporary so-called RNB, which is used to address social issues as well as singing from the diaphragm. Yes, Miguel, Bobby V-tino (formerly of Mista), Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry), Breezy (Chris Brown), Mario [Barrett], Carl Thomas (formerly of The Fourmula), Dave Hollister (formerly of Force One Network and recently got back with Blackstreet) (and anybody whom I left out; I Apologize like Anita Baker) seem like the “last of the mohigans” (i.e. meaning that they seem like the only ones of the latter of Gen-X & Gen-Y whom are carrying the torch in what’s left of a decadent genre), but I wouldn’t mind, at all, being among mention of those aforementioned. I even want “haters” to support me because the music will be good in tonality. There will be no dissonance nor sibilance in my music. I have a masculine baritone voice register, have a good ear for beats, and how to sing to them. When it comes to my music, every now and then I will make a song which digresses off into “tangentland” like my featured joint and a RNB/porn-N-B mixtape, which would continue where Brian McKnight has left us yearning more of from 2012. Link 1 and Link 2 of that legacy I shall continue intermittently (i.e. every now and then) in my release of recordings. Here’s the dilemma I may face when getting support for this. Due to the advent of Jamie Foxx and Dave Chappelle (and even Key & Peele have done what I’m about to mention as well) making parodies in the ode of RNB, in polar contrast, I want people to take my music seriously enough that there’s a message rendered and conveyed – not an ode to pre-recorded music recording – not a parody nor anything satirical nor satanic to my lyrics. I may also lack to receive funding due to my offense content of addressing misandry (i.e. hatred against men), feminists (both male and female), race nationalists and theologians, and etc. among others. I want to be looked at for the music; I don’t want to be irrelevant. I want to become entertaining to some, and edutaining (educating and entertaining at the same time) to others. I grew up in the BX (i.e. The Bronx NY), and we, New Yorkers, are some of the most politically-INcorrect people on the planet bar-none. This is not a jab at people in the music whom aren’t originally from the NYC/NJ area because there are a plethora of talented people whom are from other places that have no “filter” either. Look at Blowfly (i.e. Clarence Reed), the Ohio PLayers album covers, or even Millie Jackson whom unofficially began the politically-incorrect “porn-N-B” genre. I want my “Porn-N-B” music to be in the vein of Horace Brown’s “Taste Your Love” & Millie Jackson’s “Slow Tongue” as well as challenging the ever-growing misandry structure that is pervasive in contemporary music. “Taste Your Love” is a song which is all about performing cunnilingus on the woman in order to satiate his appetite. This song was banned from radio the “dirty dirty” south part of the USA due to its “racy” lyrics back in the mid-90s. When I’m not doing “porn-N-B”, but I’m doing socially-conscious RNB, I want accolades for it too, even more so than my “porn-N-B” music because social issues being addressed should have more meaning for people wanting a better America, a better world we live in. Some of the people I look up to for their “zero-fucks-given” “perverted” personality when it comes to music is Millie Jackson, Kool Keith (from the BX & formerly of Ultramagnetic MCs), Akinyele (his `96 joint that shook up the industry that year), SWV “Downtown”, or even Horace Brown “Taste Your Love” (which is unofficially the answer to the SWV “Downtown” song IMHO!) K. Michelle has her unfiltered fixation to misandry (the hate against men) in her mixtapes and official releases. I want to be the male, no-non-sense version of she. People love R-N-Beef, so put me on, guys and fund me! :D

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