Baroque pop, Singer-Songwriter, Wonky Pop
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FELL is the songwriting project of Nicolas Burrows, an artist, musician and illustrator from Lancashire, now living in London.

Nicolas began writing, recording and performing in several post-rock and leftfield indie bands in Leeds the early 2000s. Eventually a summer wandering in Norway provided the material for a solo EP. Recorded under the name Glaciers and assisted by several local avant garde/popl musicians, the self-titled EP veers between naive folk and full-blown wonky guitar-pop, setting a blueprint for future recordings.

After releasing two Glaciers albums and several EPs, Nicolas began working under the name FELL in 2016. His first studio album ‘There Are Still Mysteries’ was recorded with Andy Ramsay of Stereolab and continues Nicolas’ interest in zig-zagging around sonically, with summery pastoral folk making way for skronking sax wig-outs and drone-filled meanderings, all wrapped around strong melodies and tightly woven lyrics.

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