Hard rock, Heavy metal, Industrial rock
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Now more than ever, rock n’ roll needs a true character – one that harkens back to the days of Alice Cooper and other highly theatrical, shock rock trailblazers. Finally, the rock world has met the “man/woman” that undeniably fits the bill – Granny, from Granny 4 Barrel. Imagine if Rob Zombie had a great grandmother who fronted a metal band, or better yet, think the movie ‘Psycho’ with a cross-dressing alter ego split personality for a singer, and you’re not far off.

Granny proclaims “I give the rock’n roll children everything they need and I’m here to perpetuate all the best elements of rock ‘n roll….Nonconformity, freedom of expression, rebellion!” Granny has finally arrived! I’m pushing buttons and takin’ names!”

Who’s your Granny™ ? Granny 4 Barrel is!!

Current Project


Granny 4 Barrel

Studio EP

We are heading into the studio with a famed record producer that has numerous #1 songs to his credit and over 60 million records sold. We are recording 3 Granny staples, at least one new song and a fun cover song that you might not expect us to be reimagining. We are just as excited to have you hear our new EP as we are to be making it! Join us on this journey…It’s gonna be treacherous good fun!
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