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High Adventure is an American fan-rock band based out of New England. Since 2008, High Adventure has gathered a worldwide following of fanboys and fangirls with their passionate music about comic books, movies, video games and fandom. The band has been featured on NPR, “The Force-Cast,” “Rebel Force Radio,” “The Indy-Cast,” “Fanboy’s Guide To The Galaxy,” “The Star Wars Report,” “The Star Wars Talk Show,” “TechnoRetro Dads” and have played such high profile shows as New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, Dallas Fan Days, Connecticut ComiCONN, Rhode Island Comic Con and Boston Super MegaFest. High Adventure has released 4 albums of original music, and has composed 2 film scores for the documentaries “The Force Within Us” (2013), and “The Walkers Among Us” (2015).

High Adventure was originally envisioned on May 23rd, 1984 by childhood friends Glen Nelson and Todd Howard. At the time, they were inspired by Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom and got the name from a headline in the Hartford Courant about the blockbuster film that was just about to open nationwide. They sang songs they liked from the radio at the time and also wrote original music. The duo played for several years, and expanded to a quartet with other neighborhood friends. Eventually, however, Howard moved to a different town and the band was put on hiatus.

In 2008 the two teamed up once again to pen the song “The Ballad Of Indiana” to commemorate the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On the heels of this musical rebirth came an opportunity to perform live for their growing fans. Mitchell Hallock, co-host of the “Indy-Cast,” who was also the co-promotor of a brand new comic book convention in Connecticut, aptly titled ComiCONN, asked them to perform at the event. The band, consisting of Nelson, Howard and drummer Chris Eddy played the convention.

At the same time, High Adventure’s music was being featured on several high profile on-line podcasts. The exposure not only led to a worldwide fanbase but inspired the band to put their collection of individual songs into one album. The album, Acoustic Prog Pop, consisted of songs about Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman among other topics.

Riding the success of the first album, High Adventure put out their next album, Into A Larger World, in 2011. Covering familiar topics as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, they also included songs about Back To The Future, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings. This album was the first to include guitarist Brian Rabuse. The group continued playing conventions and made their first appearance at New York Comic Con.

In 2012 the group added several members. Bassist Todd Howard left the group and was replaced by John Dotson. Stu Sosnoski also joined the band on trombone and keyboard. In the summer of that year the group released its third album Heroes & Villains, which was highly influenced by Star Wars. In August of 2012 the band played at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL to help promote the album.1 In Septemtber of 2012 the band was named Nerd Band Of The Week by Almost Nerdy. 2

The following year saw the band perform at many fan conventions across America, including ComiCONN, Boston Super MegaFest, Rhode Island Comic Con and more. The band, now consisting of Nelson, Rabuse, Dotson and Sosnoski, added Greg Kalls on drums, Meghan Gillespie on trumpet and vocals, Dave Bouressa on Trumpet and Dave Connelly on banjo. In late 2013 the band was asked to compose music for the soundtrack to the Star Wars documentary The Force Within Us.3 This music was included in the 2014 release The Trials Of Obi-Wan. Focusing again on Star Wars, the album also plays homage to Superman, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek and Minecraft.

The band continues to perform at fan conventions across the country.

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