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Dr. Hot and D.J. Problems are two men from the future who have come to 2012 to make a dance-pop record. Sounds ridiculous, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.

Sent back through time from 2067 to 1959 to stop an evil maniac from turning the Cold War into World War III, they soon found their only weapon, the cryogenulum, was out of power. And what was the only thing that would recharge it? Partyfundance: the energy released when people party hard.

So they traveled back through their wormhole to a time that held the greatest wealth of Partyfundance in human history: 2012… when people knew how to party balls. Using D.J. Problems’ futuristic beats and Dr. Hot’s previously unknown ability to spit rhymes and sing anthemic melodies, they embarked on a journey to make a pop record--one that would get the clubs bumping, the parties started, and the peoples dancing.

And now here they are: a pair of unlikely heroes from the future, fighting to rock the present and save the past. A particle physicist who won’t back down. A club D.J. who just can’t seem to walk away. Two men on a mission: Dr. Hot and D.J. Problems.

In this crazy, mixed-up world of wormholes and madmen, these two reluctant renegades just won’t quit until they achieve worldwide Partyfundance. And for all our sakes, they had better succeed. Because if that Cold War keeps heating up, the doctor, the D.J., and all the rest of mankind are most certainly going to have… HOT PROBLEMS.

NOTE: If this all sounds like a sloppy, sci-fi marketing ploy to you, then don’t worry about it--just turn up the music, party hard, and shake your ass. That’s all they need you to do anyway.


Hot Problems

Debut Album!

Hot Problems has come from the future to make a record! We need your help and want YOU to be involved in the process!


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