Alternative country, Indie, Singer-Songwriter
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Jetty Rae is a singer and songwriter originally from Northern Michigan. She has been singing, touring, and recording since 2004.

She released her first full-length album, “Blackberries,” in 2007; her first EP, “Nobody,” in November 2009; and a lullaby album, “La La Lu and the Lazy Moon,” in July 2011. Her album “Drowning in Grain” was released in February 2012 (peaking at #130 on the CMJ 200 charts), “Climbing Clouds” in August of 2013, followed by a Christmas album “More Than December” in November of 2014. 2015 saw Jetty’s first collaborative project under the moniker “Pen Pals” with the release of the album “Gold”. Her album, “Can’t Curse the Free,” which was produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Mitch Dane, was released in 2017, followed by another Pen Pals album “I Disappear” that same year.

Jetty garnered the attention of JetBlue when she played at the opening of their new Terminal at JFK International Airport. MTV.com interviewed Jetty for their “Needle In The Haystack” series, and her song “I Love You,” was selected as a free download and featured on their up-and- coming artist blog.

Jetty Rae shared the stage with Sarah McLachlan and Miranda Lambert at Lilith Fair in Detroit where she was handpicked by Sarah McLachlan and Terry McBride as the featured local artist. You can also hear Jetty’s music in a number of TV commercials for brands such as Microsoft, PetCo, Truvia, Nabi Tablets, Ben & Jerry’s, the Southeastern Conference, and more.


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