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I am so happy to finally share my new music with you. Thank you for being so patient and for your continued support. I hope that this collection of songs gets you in a way that only music can.

Having thought about it a lot, I’ve decided to release it in partnership with pledge as a pre order, thus keeping cooks around the broth to a minimum and allowing me to share it with you in my own way.

If you pre order the album now you will receive “The Distance” straight away. It’s a song that I am so proud of and felt special to record. I really hope you like it. I think it’s my best yet, but then again, I am biased!

I’d also like to introduce those of you who aren’t familiar with her already, to Izo FitzRoy who sings so beautifully with me on this song. Izo and I met under such sad circumstances (long story) but I am so grateful to her for bringing her AMAZING voice to the song and helping bring something light out of the dusk of our first meeting.


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Laurence Fox

New Album

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