Alternative rock, Female-fronted Rock, Indie rock
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I was nineteen when my my “bloody”, “enchanting”, “demented” debut album, Megiddo, was released on Virgin Records. It got outstanding critical praise and was a cult hit in France, but shifting personnel and corporate mergers left Megiddo poorly promoted, lost in the shuffle. Now 20 years later, that record is being reissued on vinyl through PledgeMusic!

Since Megiddo I have independently produced and released four more eclectic full-length albums and am working on my sixth, due out in 2018:

From The Blue House, recorded in a small analog studio that Brian Kehew and I built in rural Virginia, has a raw, anti-folk acoustic vibe.

Choreography remains my most popular album so far, thanks to the song “Broken”, which gets a lot of love. Choreography’s style is ‘melancholy pop’; it has a lush, sad beauty that my first albums didn’t have.

Interplanetary Traveler, my fourth album, is the least ‘dark’ of all my albums. It has a sweet, mellow, loving feel to it, with a touch ‘world music’ rhythm and sounds.

Family Ghost, released in early 2017, is a turn back to the dark side, unearthing intense feelings from childhood trauma, impossible loves, and the pain of longing for connection in an isolated society. Recorded with backing band The Secret Storm, the sound balances cello, electric guitar, piano, and vocal harmonies over a rock rhythm section.

The new music I’ll be putting out in 2018 has already been described as ‘Beatles-y’. Stay tuned!

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