Hard rock, Heavy metal, Rock
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Lee Aaron is best know for her 1984 album Metal Queen released on the iconic Attic Records label. The title of that album quickly became a nickname. Together with her 1987 release, Bodyrock, Lee not only sowed success but also controversy for her unabashed confidence, sexuality, and pure Rock attitude.

Her new album, Diamond Baby Blues, features 12 new recordings steeped in the tradition of the musical giants of the late 60’s and 70’s and builds upon the success and critical acclaim garnered from her 2016 album Fire and Gasoline.

“I was inspired to make an album that was reminiscent of that classic bluesy, heavy-rock vibe that influenced me as a kid in the 70’s. Singers like Paul Rodgers and Janis Joplin – bands like Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac – I loved being able to use that soulful side of my voice again. I take far better care of my vocal chords now than I did when I was younger because I realize that’s it – that’s my instrument.”

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