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“Long Live Rock” is a deep dive into the fandom of this often misunderstood but beloved genre of music. The artists share why they’ve dedicated their lives to this music and discuss the unique and special relationship they have with their fans. “Long Live Rock” also explores the inescapable dark side of this chosen lifestyle, chronicling such delicate topics as substance abuse, depression, loss of life and the unspoken truths that are unfortunately too commonplace in the rock ‘n roll world.

Viewers will get a front row seat of what makes make the hard rock fan want to crowd surf, lose their minds and mix it up in the mosh pit or just throw all caution to the wind and participate in the ultimate community mayhem, the “Wall of Death.”

We follow some of these passionate fans as they drop everything to “commune" with their “rock family” at festivals such as “Rock on The Range,” “Louder Than Life” and “Aftershock” or wherever the road takes them to celebrate the chaos…that is rock ‘n roll.

Director Jonathan McHugh had this to say about why he wanted to make this movie:

“Growing up in Staten Island, NY as a kid sneaking into Madison Square Garden to see legends Black Sabbath, KISS & Led Zeppelin there was only one type of music for me. I was lucky to fall into the music business doing radio promotion at Elektra Records in the early 90’s where I met “Long Live Rock” producer Gary Spivack and here we are once again championing this music we both adore so much. “Long Live Rock” is a celebration of the chaos that makes this music and its fans simply the best in the world. I’m so proud to be part of this beautiful madness and I really hope you – the true fan – will help support our mission to bring the hard rock culture back into the mainstream…just like when I was a kid sneaking into MSG.”

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A Heavy Metal Festival Documentary Film

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