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Martin Atkins was a member of Public Image Ltd during the golden years from the Metal Box (his audition) in 1979 through the John Peel Radio Show (his first appearance on radio) The Old Grey Whistle Test (his first live TV appearance), the Paris Au Printemps album (his first live gig) then the bands first US tour that included an appearance on American Bandstand.

He was fired shortly after their return to the US, just after Wobble quit, only to write and contribute ground breaking tracks to the Flowers Of Romance album as a freelancer before heading to the US with his own band Brian Brain, getting smashed in the face with a bottle (16 stitches) getting into a fight with GG Allin (broken Nose broken jaw) and a trip to San Francisco General with alcohol poisoning. After some recuperation, he was asked to re-unite with the band at a performance at The Mudd Club in NYC and helped to write and co-produce the This Is What You Want & Commercial Zone albums. This time includes the tumultuous departure of Keith Levene, the Live In Tokyo album, the Holiday Inn version of the band, a move to Los Angeles where PiL became John and Martin for his last 24 months with the band. A tour of Japan and Australia marked the end of his intermittent 5 years with the band.

Martin has remained in contact with most everyone that crossed paths with Pil during that time and is assembling here a very interesting document of his own memories, diaries recollections and stunning collection of photos and memorabilia along with contributions from the key players involved in the most dangerous band of its time.

The influence of post punk is all over his subsequent career. He didn’t wait around for a deal, he founded his own label: Invisible records that has released over 350 albums since 1988, he performed with, co produced and managed Killing Joke during the Extremeties era, . He founded the industrial supergroup Pigface, The Damage Manual, and the short lived Murder Inc., and has contributed to Nine Inch Nails (for which he has a Grammy) and Ministry. He is the owner of Mattress Factory Recording Studios (est. 1988). He is the author of Tour:Smart, Welcome To The Music Business….You’re F*cked!” Band:Smart, he teaches Music Business at SAE Chicago and is the new Music Industries Coordinator at Millikin University. Martin is a producer, drummer, documentary filmmaker, DJ, and father of four. Whatever the future of post punk is, you can pretty much bet that he’ll be in the middle of it.

Current Project


Memories - My Time With Public Image Ltd

Pre-order Memories, the telling of Martin Atkins' five years in and out of Public Image LTD.

For a large chunk of my time with PiL we were the most dangerous band on the planet – no one knew what we were going to do next – (least of all us) - it was special and crazy and awesome as fuck. I’m so very pleased I didn’t write this twelve years ago. In the ensuing decade or so, as I nibble around the edges of 60, I might suggest that I’ve grown up a bit and I’m pleased with the idea that this might have a tone I’ll be more proud of. If there is one thing that has changed over tha...
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