Soul, Soul jazz, Sunshine pop
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10:32 is the new project for London-based artist, Bridget Walsh. Originally from Aotearoa (NZ), she has been touring with UK bands since 2013, taking the stage at a number of iconic global venues and festivals so far, including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Sono Centrum, Latitude, Estragon Club, Subsonic, Auckland Arts Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Bridget’s booty-shaking soul-pop is all about bringing people together and spreading a little PMA, with her musical roots spanning everything from hiphop to hardcore to musical theatre. Joined on stage and in the studio with a line-up of killer artists from across Europe, 2018 sees the release of the first 10:32 EP, “The Tendency Toward Complexity”, due for release in late 2018.

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"The universe began about fifteen billion years ago, in almost absolute simplicity, and it's been getting more and more complex ever since. This movement from the simple to the complex is built into the web and weave of the universe, and it's called the tendency toward complexity. We're the products of this complexification, and so are the birds, and the bees, and the trees, and the stars, and even the galaxies of stars..." - Gregory David Roberts, 'Shantaram' (2003) This EP marks the firs...
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