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Born Luis Dubuc in Venezuela, Mystery Skulls spent most of his childhood in Toronto Living above a video store, teaching himself English by consuming horror and sci-fi epics. Relocating once again with his family to Dallas Texas, as a teenager, led him to pick up his first pair of drumsticks, where he channeled his collective admiration of his Idols, from Michael Jackson to Slayer and The Locust into his earliest experimentation with music making. Following a later move to Los Angeles, the self-taught musician began to make a name for himself and with the release of FOREVER, he blazed into the Electronic and Pop Sphere collaborating with Pop Culture Icons such as Nile Rodgers and Brandy, as well as earning press love from the likes of Noisey, Earmilk, Nylon, Complex and even Vibe, who declared his music "Some of the most addictive, hypnotizing Disco-Pop jams you’ll hear.

If “Forever” was Dubuc’s optimistic, funk-filled excursion across soul, house, disco and R&B terrain, and “One Of Us” was a much darker, dystopian love story warning us of how far technology can push us as humans, then “Back To Life” stands for a renewed belief in a greater and deeper love that reveals itself after one has been tried by fire and has come out the other side. The title track also sees the return of Nile Rodgers and his unmistakable guitar sounds, as well as on single, “What Love Is”, a combination that continues to provide the extremes of Dubuc’s beloved musical reference points. “Don’tFuck With My Money”, the first single, signifies a resilience to keep chasing your passion even after music industry obstacles constantly challenge your livelihood. “Dying For You” supplies another reoccurring cast member to the Mystery Skulls experience, with Snowblood featured in this pledge of eternal loyalty. This third full-length, “Back To Life”, takes on the future with an open heart, with statements around dreams, challenging the listener to consider whether it’s one day or day one, and what we do today is what matters most.

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Back to Life

Pre-order the new album "Back to Life" due out April 12, 2019.

I can’t even tell you how amazing this feels to be announcing the Pre-Order of my new full-length album! I locked myself away for longer than ever to put my absolute everything into writing and recording an endless amount of new music that would push me further creatively than any of my previous albums. The result is an album that has its own special, unique sound that I couldn’t be more excited about and am so ready to share with you. I feel this is a new special chapter for Mystery Skulls a...
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