Alternative rock, Comedy, Psychedelic rock


Neil Innes first hit the headlines with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band in the 1960’s, having written their first hit song "I’m the Urban Spaceman.”

1972 saw Neil join forces with Monty Python, providing music for the popular sketch show, touring the world and working on the various Python Live albums & films such as The Holy Grail. Neil still found time to join a collection of song writers and poets forming a new band GRIMMS and to release his own solo records during this period

With fellow Python Eric Idle they started the series Rutland Weekend Television which spawned The Rutles in 1977, an affectionate pastiche of The Beatles, in which Innes played the character of Ron Nasty, with Neil writing the music and songs for the Rutles and the American spin-off movie ‘All You Need is Cash”.

Neil’s further forays into TV, saw him launch “The Innes Book of Records”, even moving into Children’s programming with Puddle Lane and Raggy Dolls, and later writing the music for Terry Jones’s film Eric The Viking. The 2nd Rutles album ‘Archaeology’ came out in 1996 and Neil continued to tour around the world with his own albums and Rutles songs, with a Bonzo Reunion Concert in 2006.

Rarely does this man take a breath, and following a 2018 tour with The Rutles, Neil now plans to record a new solo record this autumn featuring some of his favourite musicians & friends from around the world, with the release planned in 2019.

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