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Paul Zablidowsky was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to a Jewish father and a Colombian mother and is the oldest of three boys. At a very early age it was clear that music and art were his passions in life – well, food too. After eight years of art school and a BA in illustration, Paul found his true calling when he started performing live on stage under his stage name “Paulie Z” as the lead singer and guitarist in various local rock bands such as Legend, Splivey Cool and Co2. It would ultimately be the power trio ZO2, co-founded with his brother David, that would bring him his first taste of success.

In 2004 ZO2 toured the country with KISS and Poison and since then have released three albums and four singles. In 2008 the band landed their own TV series called Z Rock which aired for two seasons and was based on their real life story of being rock stars at night and kids’ entertainers by day. In addition to playing rock n roll music, Paul was an educator and loved working with young children. He started doing sing-a-longs for families in Manhattan in 1998 and soon brought his brother David into the fold and formed the kids band known as The Z Brothers. The duo very quickly became the most sought after kids’ entertainers in town doing concerts and birthday parties for celebrities such as Robert DeNiro and Michael J. Fox.

Mixing music and education was something Paul excelled at and in 2011 he founded a non-profit organization called Rock Asylum Foundation that went into elementary schools in low income areas to work hand in hand with students to write and record original educational rock songs and music videos. For this he was voted NYer Of The Week in April 2012. In that same year Paul created a music program and CD for toddlers called Rockin’ Railroad which was launched worldwide through a company called Kidville.

In addition to touring and teaching Paul has also starred in three rock musicals, sang the national anthem at various professional sporting events and hosted The Paulie Z Show which was a podcast on iTunes about music and food. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as basketball, softball, running, hiking and obstacle courses like The Spartan Race. Paul’s life was action packed, but after years of burning the candle at both ends he decided to make a life change and start fresh on the west coast.

Paul now lives happily in LA with his fiancé and is focused on his solo music career, a new toddler music program, a music education company, an online guitar instructional series, film and TV acting and most importantly starting a family.


Paulie Z

Solo EP Debut

It's finally time for me to do my first solo EP and I want to include YOU in the creative process!!! Join me...

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