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Singer/Songwriter Peter Collins has emerged as a new force in music combining R&B, Soul and Jazz sounds with an Inspirational foundation. He has established his own identity as a compelling new artist with his endearing vocals and musical versatility. His voice is clear, sultry, and soulful. Peter is absolutely unstoppable from the very first note to the last. He possesses such a powerful, beautiful, and consistent sense of command with his voice. His silkyvocals are often accompanied by his guitar playing which is quite impressive and skillfully remarkable in its own right.

A Jamaican, Cuban American native of Newark, NJ, Peter’s passion for music originated and grew with guidance and support from his parents. As a student at Arts High School in Newark, NJ, where he cultivated his artistry, Peter excelled at vocal classical music performance and contemporary music performance.

With each performance the soulful vocalist offers a wonderfully personal and intimate experience that hits home for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. His performances consist of an eclectic mix of R&B, Soul, Inspiration and Jazz Fusion; offering multi-generational reflective musical journeys. It is this binding together of the past with the present that makes Peter such a riveting performer. Peter’s smooth tone, unparalleled and clean sound, impeccable vocal agility, and soaring range connects deeply with listeners.

In terms of his artistry, songwriting, and music, Peter is described as supremely talented with amazing musical instincts. Peter takes an organic approach to his songwriting which is compellingly honest, authentic, and thought provoking. He is not afraid to experiment freely to follow a musical idea to its ultimate end. This mentality has led Peter to explore writing music that transcends genre and even unchartered creative terrain.

Several of the songs chosen for Peter’s debut album have a deeply personal connection. With tunes that are based around love, light and healing, the music is inspirational, powerful and relevant. The music will be potent and the messages will be simple. Composed of a collection of original material, it is Peter’s goal for the album to transport listeners both musically and emotionally.

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Peter Collins

Peter Collins

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