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Welcome to Peter James Millson on PledgeMusic.

I’ve been out-of-office making a new record.

Done it. It is the best, most honest, most melodically charged and emotionally gripping set of songs I’ve written to date. Boo Hewerdine and I decided that the demos I’d given him—that I had recorded on my phone—were so ‘right’ that I should go ahead and record the whole thing as live takes straight into the phone. It’s given us a very intimate sound which is exactly right for these ten new songs.

The files from the phone were taken to Chris Pepper at The Hub Sound Studios in Cambridge and it was nice to hear the tracks go from special to very special. I was virtually asleep for the whole mastering session; one of those days where you just can’t wake up no matter how much coffee you drink. There’s a video clip somewhere of my sleepy face.

My friend Phil Hale has very kindly agreed to do the cover. Phil is an incredible artist and has been a big influence on my photography so it is a bit of a dream-come-true to get a ‘Phil Hale’ on the cover. I’ve told him I need to look young, beautiful and slightly weird. Let’s wait and see.

Anyway, listen. I’m soon going to be launching a PledgeMusic campaign to get this amazing record in your hands and I would like to ask you to sign-up and get involved. There’s a DOWNLOAD waiting for you now (free) of an early demo of one of my favourite songs on the record recorded on my phone so please grab it.

I’ll be completely relying on YOUR good taste, kindness and generous involvement and I’m only asking lovely people to help get this record out (better that way, I think).

Live dates coming up.

Please sign-up. Thank you.

See you soon.


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