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‘Press to MECO’ are the perfect synthesis of technical proficiency and attention grabbing moments. They are a progressive hardcore rock metal pop [insert genre here] band hailing from Crawley/Croyden; performing off-kilter, just plain unreasonably catchy songs, full of twists and turns. Alternating vocals blending into 3-part harmonies, coming together with sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal, always overwhelmingly powerful instrumental breakdowns.

The ideal mix of technicality and catchiness delivered with pop sensibilities that are tongue-in-cheek and just plain fun.

These ‘musical outsiders’ have found creative inspiration from bands like ‘SikTh’, ‘Dillinger Escape Plan’, ‘Rueben’, ‘Everything Everything’, ‘Manchester Orchestra’ and ‘Deftones’; to pop artists ‘ABBA’ and ‘Michael Jackson’.

‘GOOD INTENT’ PTM’S DEBUT ALBUM emphasises the melodic content of the vocals while keeping the guitars/bass raw and the drums sounding punchy and sharp. Youthful indulgence balanced with ridiculously catchy choruses. “We wanted this album to be a lot rawer sounding and less produced than our previous releases. Neil really nailed it too.” Luke Caley.

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