Alternative rock, Indie rock, Singer-Songwriter
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Nickname = Yams

Her ‘troubadour of heartbreak’ songs are tonic for anyone who’s been run over by love.

She named her indie label after a walking fish.

Home is a cabin in the woods. She’s very good at yard work.

Favorite college course – Sociology of the Criminal Mind

Rufus Wainwright. Tom Waits. Rickie Lee Jones. Roberta Flack. Bonnie Raitt. Led Zeppelin. Cat Stevens. Stevie Wonder. Carole King. Feist. Kanye West.

Jaws vs. The Way We Were = tie.

Good with cats. Bad with plants.

Japanese. German. Italian.

NY, Philly, D.C., Chicago and Venice Beach have all been home.

Early riser between 4 and 6am

Home Depot over shoe shopping

Hates the phone, but enjoys spreadsheets.

Stage fraught, but you’d never know it.

Once wore plastic bath mat flowers in her hair for a show at Madison Square Garden.

Celebrity crush = Bill Pullman

Favorite New Years – solo trip to the Dominican Republic (on an animal farm)…(the whole trip was not on an animal farm – just that night)

Once run down by a bull.

Videos – trapped in a glass box/ wandering a burned down hotel/ hanging out on a wasp infested boat/ as a bunny (in full bunny attire)

Dream video – shark tank

Believes in love, loyalty and the lingering magic of music.

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Rachael Yamagata

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