Lyrical, Singer-Songwriter, Sophisti-pop
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Rosie Bans’ music can be described as strong, emotionally driven and heart-achingly honest.

Drawing inspiration from the songwriting skills of Imogen Heap, Amanda Palmer, Regina Spektor and Tori Amos, Rosie has had an army of strong female figures guiding her throughout her teenage and young adult life. With performances pairing slick songs and slap your face banter, she has been marked out as a "proper entertainer”.

Telling the truth, deceit, family arguments, and romantic differences are strong themes through Bans’ work, she pulls out what’s living just under the skin and drapes it over memorable choruses and rhythmic piano grooves for all to see.

A far cry from the usual female, piano-pop singer-songwriters that dominate the industry today, Rosie is bulldozing her way through the crowds, kicking and swearing and screaming to be heard. Are you listening?

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