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My last project was launching a fan club, to make people excited about something that most of them never had a chance to first time round. The obvious next step was to make people genuinely excited about a record label, just as with Stiff, Sub Pop or Def Jam. A label where the logo is as iconic as the music.

Round Records, as a concept, has been my baby since 1996. Now I can show it off to the world as brand new enterprise that ditches the old record company policies of ownership and contractual obligations.

I am very excited to bring the new Round Records Pledge campaign to you all.

But this time around it’s a Pledge campaign with a difference. We’re bringing you box sets, live DVD’s, live CD’s and exclusive merchandise. All coming at you via the ‘Round Records’ brand.

The first release will be the eagerly awaited second Hey! Hello! album – Hey! Hello! Too!
This is the first time that the full band have recorded an album together, and we’re very proud of the results. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

This release will be ready for your ears by digital download very soon, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn the songs and be singing them with us on tour in April.

All release dates have been specified next to the items so you can see in advance when to expect things turning up on your doorstep!

This is something new, something fresh, where the audience is the boss.
Together let’s push things forward.

Hey! Hello! Too! album (released 3rd June 2016)
The Wildhearts PHUQ Live (released 1st July 2016)
Ginger Wildheart Solo Album Boxset (released 5th August 2016)
Mutation III album (released 2nd September 2016)

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