Alternative rock, Melodramatic Popular Song, Pop
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Ryan Gibeau, a New Hampshire native, is a singer/songwriter residing in Brooklyn, NY. His music has a soulful sound that blends melancholy rock, alternative rock and pop. Releasing November, 16th, 2018, ‘Quiet Fall’ is Gibeau’s debut album.

From a young age, Gibeau discovered a passion for entertaining and realized his voice was a great way to emotionally captivate audiences and share stories. From borrowing his first guitar and teaching himself how to play chords from a ‘how to’ book to composing ‘Quiet Fall’, Gibeau has organically developed as a singer/songwriter and continues to grow adding piano, a full band and strings to his music.

Creating ‘Quiet Fall’ has been an honest and artistic journey for Ryan. His heartfelt lyrics, genuine voice and big arrangements reflect the power of this journey, which Ryan invites you to enjoy beginning to end. Ryan has had an exciting start in NYC, booking popular venues such as The Cutting Room, Webster Hall Studio, Rockwood Music Hall, selling out shows along the way.

“This journey, as long as it’s been so far, is only just beginning. Thank you for supporting the release of my debut album and thank you for listening. There has been so much careful consideration put into this album by the whole team and we sincerely hope that you enjoy ‘Quiet Fall’. Thank you!” -RG

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