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I was born in a small town in Illinois and raised in El Paso, Texas. I grew up in the 1970’s. That was a weird and funny time. A lot of polyester went down. My dad was a Syrian immigrant that had come to the University of Illinois in the ‘60s as a super-scholar. He later sported a healthy mustache and drove a diesel Cadillac. He also enjoyed a mega-sideburns phase. My mother was a smart, sweet Michigan girl who gave up a promising future as an artist to raise me and my three siblings. Equality and respect for women wasn’t a thing I saw very much of back then. I suppose my most well known song is called “1978.” It’s a little snapshot of my life as a kid. I still like things from that era but the 1960’s are even better. The Beatles’ White Album changed my life in 1976 when my Grandmother bought it for me in K-Mart. It’s still my favorite record of all-time. My brother Faris and I used to play music together, we stopped doing that 18 years ago. Since then I’ve released six full-length solo records along with three E.P.s and two full-length out-takes CDs. Somewhere South of Sane (slated for September 2018 release) will be my 7th studio solo album. It’s also a double album with 21 songs and 7 bonus tracks!

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