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One girl, one machine. Using emotion to create electronic based songs.
Okay so that’s my opening line, it took a while to think of one as it’s hard to describe yourself as a one liner especially when we are all quite complicated and have loads to say and express.

So here’s some brief info about me.
I am based in the UK, I began writing music as a ‘wannabe singer’ but branched out into gathering enough outboard gear to create my own studio. I have been signed to record labels, writing electronic based albums and recently I was signed to a publisher where I wrote an instrumental album for audio drops.
I felt compelled to learn how to run my own studio as I encountered a few producers who felt that a woman should sit back and allow the men to work the equipment and they would call me when they needed me to sing for them. I didn’t take too kindly to being treated like this and was inspired to get stuck in through being inspired by Trent Reznor and his unique production methods.

I have been told that my sound is very different, which is great as we are all individuals and music is a personal form of expression. I receive fab feedback from my fans which is awesome as this helps to keep me going and to inspire me to write more songs for you.

She’s Got Claws is a snappy song title taken from Gary Numan, as he comes up with the most amazing titles and this one I feel sums me up quite nicely (plus I have a crazy love for cats). I was in Brighton recently and as I walked into a bar I heard a guy say “ooh she’s got claws” now I’m not sure if he was aware of my name or he was commenting on my presence. I have been compared to Siouxsie Sioux on many occasions which is very flattering as she is a very strong icon.
I take inspiration from many electronic styles plus I don’t like to shut myself off from many other styles including rock, indie and pop, as this is how music progresses with new genres.
As She’s Got Claws I released my debut album which was self titled (SGC) in 2012, I aim to re-release this in 2019 with a deluxe version which will be a 2 CD box set including the new versions of the songs and the original ones written in 2012.
Then I released Synthetic Emotion in 2015, this was an EP of 4 songs telling the story of the creation of a humanoid who fell in love with her creator and how she dealt with loss and human emotions.
Late 2017 I opened this Pledge Music page with my next album called ‘War Torn’. This was a very moving album which expressed empathy and compassion for families in war torn countries and their fight for survival, even when others do not understand or care about their plight and feelings. I donated money to UNICEF from the release of this album. Electronic based songs using electronic drums and string arrangements working their way around the poignant lyrics. The album was released in March 2018.
In June 2018 I re-released Synthetic Emotion (Rewired) EP with new artwork and the songs remixed and remastered, which now have a punchier production. I have for a while felt that this EP needed a kick up the bum, so now I am a lot happier with this version.
Now I am moving onto my next project called Doppelgänger. I am back working with a fab bass player from my previous band, so the songs will be more bass driven. Details of this will be posted onto this Pledge Music page as the album progresses. It is at the embryonic stage so please follow me to see the updates. More details in my short and long description of this album on my Pledge Page.


She's Got Claws

War Torn

My new project called War Torn is to help raise funds for families in need across the globe.


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