Heavy metal, Metal, Thrash metal
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Stormrider is a heavy metal band from Manchester, UK. Formed in early 2017 by Przemyslaw (bass, backing vocals), Rob (drums) and Cristiano (guitars), the line-up was finalised in May with the addition of lead singer Mike. Rooted in NWOBHM and with influences ranging from hard rock and classic heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) to power/thrash (Iced Earth, Kreator, Metallica), the band’s music offers raw, uninhibited power combined with a keen sense of melody.

Some of the bands we have played with:

Rammlied I Pretty Addicted I Pulvis Et Umbra I Vice I With The Wolves I Ravenage I Old Corpse Road I Haerken I NIKK I Dancing Scrap I Dead Rebel I Straight For The Sun I Bloodyard I Priest Unleashed I Electric Circus I Dimensions I Barbarian Hermit I Armageddon Stereo I God Shaped Devil I Soulride I Ceti I Paladin I Midnight Prophecy I Damim I Crescent Halo I Upon This fate I Moose I

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