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Our dearest friends and loyal fans,

We are thrilled to announce that we are in the process of making our third full-length studio album! We genuinely feel that this will be the most honest record we have ever made, simply because these songs stem from the most honest of circumstances.

In order to explain why, let us start from the beginning.

In October of 2009, we showed up at an open audition in downtown Nashville. We had never sung in front of a crowd together and had no band name. We weren’t actively seeking to be singers, but the panel of judges heard something in us, and within three months we had signed a major label record deal. From there, our career escalated quickly. We recorded an album of classic country covers under the production of T Bone Burnett and Dave Cobb, and the two of us immediately started touring. The first tour we ever had was opening for Levon Helm and Ray LaMontagne. As you might imagine, we were simultaneously terrified and elated, just two girls from Alabama who sang simple harmonies and could hardly play a guitar. We needed to quickly learn about the music industry and how to be performers, but most of the time we just had to pretend like we knew what we were doing.

Since then, we’ve gotten to do some amazing things, including tours with Paul Simon, KD Lang, Nickel Creek, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. We played Fallon, Leno and Letterman and got to record with Jack White. We went on to release a second album with T Bone Burnett in 2014, and have been so grateful for these experiences and our loyal fans that have supported us from the start.

That brings us here. It’s been a very difficult couple of years for our band and for us as individuals. We were intentional about keeping our struggles private, but they are part of our story and they play a big role in where we are.

In early 2015, the ugly part of the music industry came barreling at us. Very quickly, we found ourselves facing a lawsuit and bankruptcy, without a label, without a manager, and without money to bring players with us on the road. We were at a roadblock, absolutely lost and unsure of what to do next. These problems had a terrible impact on our creativity. We spent many days questioning our fate as professional musicians, as we struggled through erratic touring and personal distress. But amidst the difficulty and depression, the drama and the doubt, we slowly crafted a batch of songs that were the result of one question: what are you left with when you’ve lost everything?

That question led us to reevaluate and reconnect with what we had all along: our friends, our fans, and our music. The songs came, one by one, and revealed to us the difference between what is truly important and what is not.

Then an old friend called us up. A friend that just so happens to be a long-time musical heroine of ours…our beloved Brandi Carlile. Brandi has been a champion and defender for the two of us since we first crossed her path. She is our cheerleader and our confidante, our muse, and our mentor. She has shown us nothing but kindness and encouragement along the way, constantly reminding us that our art is important, that we are stronger than we think, and that what we have to say needs to be heard.

When we were at our most desperate, Brandi came to our rescue, listened to our new songs, and enthusiastically offered to produce our third record for us. Who better to entrust with your most tender, sincere songs than someone you love and admire so deeply? We wholeheartedly accepted her offer, started making plans, and have already begun tracking songs with her and the Twins in a studio near Seattle. We can’t wait for you to hear what we’re working on!

But this is uncharted territory for us. A new beginning.

And that’s where you come in. We are launching a campaign in association with Pledge Music to raise enough money to make our new album.

We want you to be a part of it, because you are our lifeline and our inspiration. We’re offering several opportunities for involvement in this process, and we’d love for you to join us in this adventure. In fact, we can’t do it without you! We’ll be sharing updates with you all along the way.

We love each of you dearly, and your support in this season means everything to us.

The Secret Sisters

Laura and Lydia

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