Dance, Electronic, Nu jazz
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Vanessa Daou’s Jazz and Pop make an exhilarating mix… Built on piano, synthesizers and Daou’s mesmerizing, Billie Holiday-like vocals, Zipless strikes an exquisite balance between pop and jazz by weaving together the strengths of both styles. … The music conjures up the cool mood of an urban nightscape.” TIME Magazine

“When it first landed on shelves in 1994, Vanessa Daou’s conversation-shifting ‘Zipless: Songs From the Works of Erica Jong’ was veritably like nothing before it. …. it was at once fearlessly erotic and boldly feminist – as well as startling in its musical scope.” Blackbook Magazine

“Combining elements of jazz, blues, and alternative, Vanessa Daou has emerged as one of the most musical and provocative vocalists on the pop scene.” KCRW

“Zipless is a beautiful trove of sublime erotic electronic pop with strong elements of house and jazzy melodies. …. The almost surreal intimacy of Vanessa’s voice and delivery (like Dali’s melting watches, every vocal shape seemed to take on a slight alien quality) coupled with the intense sexuality of the lyrics and the accessibility and ingenuity of the music made for an entirely unique hybrid. " The Quietus

“Zipless is the poetry of Erica Jong set to music… a breathtaking trip that can barely contain its own sensuality.” All Music Guide

“We here at Slant Magazine believe that there aren’t enough lists. So we’ve decided to create another one. “Vital Pop” is a list of 50 of the most essential pop albums…” SLANT Magazine

“On an album where grime and elegance rub shoulders, Daou fosters a musical space where her electro-grooves and acoustic set-ups coalesce. Daou’s ghostly vocals billow and swirl like a thick, phosphorous dream…” Inside Entertainment, Canada


Vanessa Daou


Zipless: Songs From The Works of Erica Jong gets its debut vinyl pressing! Released December 7, 2018. Pre-order NOW!

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