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We are the woods. It is a vital and stark declaration. It also happens to be true. We are an underground system of roots and elf tunnels. We love pleasure, sunrises, and howling with the wolves. We write and record songs that speak directly to you, dear reader. If you listen, you are with us.

We are a matriarchal tribe, lead by Jessie Murphy and Marcia Webb, two mid wives of music and revelry that know how to get a party started in a medieval, throw down the gauntlet kind of way. Riding high off the success of their seminal debut, Eight Belles, The girls recruited the charming young woodsman, Tyler Beckwith, (Drums, Cajon) and brought him into the fold. He is a delight for all to behold.

We Are The Woods employ unique multi-instrumental and vocal abilities to create sweet genre-bending sounds. Combining Simon and Garfunkel-like harmonies with the wild horse spirit (and mane) of Robert Plant, we invoke the evocative lyrical precision of Emily Dickinson.

We invite you to share in our alliance of pentatonic wonder and midnight majesty. We welcome you to get lost in the woods with us, forsaking your trail of breadcrumbs for enchantment and dark lovely grooves.

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