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Yaxu is the solo project of Sheffield-based broken techno producer Alex McLean.

Alex makes all his music with handmade live coding technology, describing complex musical patterns with simple algorithmic structures. He is one of the founders of the algorave movement, bringing this algorithmic approach to dancefloors around the world.

His free TidalCycles software allows music to be improvised on the spot, rather than based on tracks. However in 2015 Alex began producing with TidalCycles, leading to the six track Peak Cut EP on Sheffield label Computer Club. Bleep.com said of it “… Yaxu’s polyrhythmic and hyperreal strand of techno is showcased on cuts like Public Life and Cyclic showing that he is not just testing the confines of how music can be consumed but also how genres can sound.” Alex gives all his code away for free, so listeners can rework the patterns behind his music themselves.

Alex has performed widely since the year 2000 in many collaborations including Slub with Dave Griffiths and Adrian Ward and Canute with Yeeking, and at many festivals including Sonar Barcelona, Club Transmediale Berlin, Sonic Acts Amsterdam, Earzoom Ljubljana, NODE, Ars Electronica Linz, Dissonanze Rome, Vivo Mexico City, Lovebytes Sheffield, Lambdasonic Gent and STRP Eindhoven.

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