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A few years ago, I set out to make a record with my good friend and frequent collaborator Mike Poorman at the then-new location of Strangeways Recording, in Providence, RI; itching to get new music out and build on the work that Mike and I had done with 2006’s Ellipsis. Though Ellipsis was mostly a tight-knit affair, as we’ve tracked and re-tracked the group of songs that we eventually whittled down to become the upcoming LP, and as I’ve traveled far and wide playing shows and sessions with artists from all over, the recording sessions have become more and more like an open house party (or traveling circus, depending on how you look at it).

From the weeks we spent at Strangeways to the marathon sessions at Q Division to our trek to Baltimore for a mind-blowing string session with Greg Watkins and Brian McTernan at Salad Days, all the way up to the final days holed up in Charlotte, VT with Erin “Syd” Sidney and Dylan Allen as we tore the entire thing apart and all but started over, and the cross-country mixing process with Brian Scheuble of Los Angeles, this has become a family affair.

I’ve spent pretty much every cent I’ve made in the better part of this last decade on making this record, and battled with indecision on how to put it out, ultimately wondering how my creations, or any creations, are relevant as products in this day and age. The answer, for now, lies in keeping the question open, and PledgeMusic has provided the perfect platform for that process. This whole campaign is about taking a more direct approach to releasing music, giving you the biggest reward possible for your continued support, and manufacturing copies of a record that will benefit an amazing organization, Burlington’s Cancer Patient Support Program (www.cpspvt.org) with every sale for as long as there are still copies in existence.

Friends, fans and family: YOU are the record label. Music is so much more than just sound on plastic or vinyl- it’s an experience and a community, and it’s something no one can do alone. I’m so excited to bring these songs to you in conjunction with a cause that’s close to my heart, and round up the final funds necessary to have copies of this record available for spreading these ideas and the awareness of a new way to look at cancer treatment and support.


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